OVERVIEW OF IGCSE Programme at Goldcrest International  

(developed from http://www.cie.org.uk/ )

IGCSE -Mandatory for all
Group I-Languages Cambridge IGCSE English – First Language  (Extended)
Hindi as a Second Language
Group II-Humanities and Social Sciences Global Perspectives
Group III-Sciences Science – Co-ordinated Extended (or stand-alone)
Group IV-Mathematics Mathematics Extended and Advanced
IGCSE OPTIONS-Students choose one from each group
Group V-Creative, Technical and Vocational Business Studies / History
Group II / Group V Economics
IT/Computer Science
Additional Extra-curricular -Mandatory for all

Cambridge IGCSE Courses  develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in: (from http://www.cie.org.uk/ )

  • Subject content
  • Applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as unfamiliar situations
  • Intellectual enquiry
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • Working and communicating in English
  • Influencing outcomes
  • Cultural awareness.

The syllabuses are international in outlook,and  have been created specifically for an international student body and avoid cultural bias.

Group I-Languages (English Extended  and Hindi)

Cambridge IGCSE English  is for  students whose first language is English  or  for those with superior English skills, but who are not native speakers. The syllabus develops the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively in both speech and writing, for study and employment.

Hindi as a second Language encourages learners  to enjoy and appreciate the variety of the Hindi language, and to understand and respond appropriately to what they read and hear. This will prove important for their future life as well as support literacy in the National Language of India.

Group II-Humanities and Social Sciences (Global perspectives, History, Economics)

The study of  humanities and social sciences subjects enables learners to gain a deeper insight into the different communities and cultures that exist around the world.

Group III Sciences (Coordinated Sciences Double Award Extended)

In Coordinated sciences Students learn how science is studied and practised with in depth studies of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, which is studies to earn a prestigious double award.

Group IV – Mathematics (International; Mathematics  Extended and Advanced)

An essential subject for all learners, the  mathematics syllabuses encourages the development of

mathematical knowledge as a key life skill, and as a basis for more advanced study.

Group V-Creative, Technical and Vocational ( Art and  Design, Music, Drama, ICT, Music Accounting, Business Studies)

These subjects introduce learners to creative and practical courses that enrich the learners experience as well as providing a good opportunity to engage with the subject practically. The syllabuses provide both a solid foundation for further study and an ideal preparation for the world of work and other studies.