Admissions at GI is based on review of candidates’ records as well as an interaction in which candidates are given opportunities through discussion and diagnostic review exercises to demonstrate their potential as a GI student in terms of learner readiness and the Goldcrest International school philosophy.

The completed admission form must be accompanied by the following documents at the time of registration

Proof of Birth Certificate
The last two year’s report cards or Transcript
School Leaving Certificate
3 recent passport size photographs of the student
Duly filled Medical Form
In addition, the students applying for admission will:

Possess a high level of proficiency in English
Take part in an interaction at Goldcrest International
Take part in a skill review process (this may consist of diagnostic reviews and free writing exercise)

Rolling Admission throughout Grade 9 and 11: This is to facilitate easy transfer of students who have already started the IGCSE or IBDP, or are seeking late entry. This is possible based on a review of the student’s previous school records and an interaction with the Head of school and the GCSE/IBDP Coordinators following the criteria set above.

Promotion to Grade 10 and 12: Promotion directly into the second year of the IB Diploma Programme is automatic unless the end of first year achievement is unsatisfactory, in which case the student may be asked to repeat grade 9 or 11, or leave the programme.


Admission directly into Grade 12 is only possible if the student has already done year 1 of the IBDP and based on the following:

Goldcrest International is offering the same subjects and levels as the candidate took in IBDP I.
The candidate has successfully completed IBDP I
The sharing of information and IB documentation from the previous school through their IB Coordinator, not the student.
Approval of the Head of Goldcrest International and IBDP Coordinator following an interaction.


Goldcrest International will consider students with special educational needs according to our Students With Special Educational Needs Policy document. Special needs admission is based on the school’s ability to meet the needs of the student.

Candidates and their parents are expected to be present on the appointed day for interaction with the Head of School. Following the successful completion of the admission process, parents must ensure the completion of all school formalities along with the payments.


Grade 9 and 11 students choose their initial course options after admission; this is finalized by the third week of school based upon:

Student Interest
Student career plans
University admissions requirements
Grade 10 results (for IBDP candidates)
Results of Skill Review Process
IBDP Math level in IBDP is determined by Goldcrest International based on diagnostic identification of Math skills and student performance in the first weeks of class.

For admission please contact the school at

All students at Goldcrest International are entered for the full diploma as the IB Diploma curriculum offers an integrated, comprehensive and balanced mix of Sciences and Humanities. The IB Diploma programme ensures students enjoy a competitive edge in admission to any college or university in the world; in addition, the full diploma is demanded by all universities within India.